Photos of the Lewistown, Utica, Mountain Dale area.
Salamander Rock Tower 001 RuthP
Salamander Rock Tower 001B RuthP
Salamander Tower 001 RuthP
Sawmill 003 RuthP
Sewing Party Lewistown 001 RuthP
Sewing Party Lewistown 001B RuthP
Shelving Rock 001 RuthP
Shelving Rock 002 RuthP
Snook House 001 RuthP
Spencer Rice Cabin 001 RuthP
Stines Sawmill 001A RuthP
Stines Sawmill 001B RuthP
Stone Fence 001 RuthP
Stone Fence 002 RuthP
Stone Fence 003 RuthP
Stulls Garage Lewistown 001 RuthP
Stulls Garage Lewistown 001B RuthP
Sunday School Outing 195 001 RuthP
Sunday School Outing 1951 001 RuthP
Traction Engine 001 RuthP
Utica Reformed Church Choir 1890-1900 001 RuthP
Utica Reformed Church Choir 1890-1900 001B RuthP
Utica St Paul's Church 001A JAK
Utica St Paul's Church 001B JAK

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