How are the images named?

Since I started collecting these images twenty years ago I have struggled with how to name them and sort them into albums that would make sense.

I have tried to name each image to match the subject matter and to make it easy to search for individual images within the collection.  As the collection grew to more than 500 pictures I realized that I would need to break the collection into sub-albums sorted by name.  Today the there are more than 5,500 images sorted into a large group of Thurmont Albums as well as albums for surrounding communities and other specific groupings like the Hoke and Claire Frock collections.

By using this format and allowing the viewer to search through the images I find it is much easier to locate the photographs a visitor is interested in viewing.

When you search the collection the program looks at the keywords, file name and descriptive text when forming a custom album for you to view.  Sometimes you will find images that do not seem to belong until you read the text or the file name.

The file names also indicate the identity person who has allowed their images to be included in this collection. Check the file name to see if it includes one of the following sets of initials. Not all images are tagged with the donor name but for those that are here is a key to the names:

AG - Athur Gernand
AMPS - Ann Marie Plumer Fox, President Nixon at the Thurmont Methodist Church 1971
BZ - Billy Zentz
DB - Dennis Black
DR - Dwight Reever, New Midway Images
GWW -  Photos taken by George Wireman or photos he collected.
H### - Ken Hamrick Postcard Collection courtesy of Wes Hamrick
WH - Wes Hamrick
JAK - John A. Kinnaird
IM - Irene Mathews
LP - Louis Powell
LW - Lela Weaver, Thurmont High Class of 1955 Photos
THS -Thurmont Historical Society
MWM - Mary Weybright MarcumRH - Robert Harper negatives
RP - Ruth Powell
SB - Shirley Baxter, Sabillasville Images


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