Photos of the Lewistown, Utica, Mountain Dale area.
Gladhill, Florence 001 RuthP
Group 001 RuthP
Group 002 RuthP
Group 003 RuthP
Group 004 RuthP
Group 005 RuthP
Group 006 RuthP
Group 007 RuthP
Group of Children 001 RuthP
Group of Girls 001 RuthP
Group of Women 001 RuthP
Harmony Grove Cronise House 001 RuthP
Ice Skating 001 RuthP
Ice Skating 002 RuthP
Kaufman House 001 RuthP
Lake View 1909-01-07 Clarion Carnival Article
Lake View 1909-12-30 Clarion Carrie Houck Injured in Fire
Lake View 1912-06-06 Clarion Lake View Opening
Lake View 1914-06-18 Clarion Fire Article
Lake View HFRR JAK C002
Lake View HFRR JAK C007
Lake View Hotel 001 RuthP
Lake View Hotel 001B RuthP
Lake View Hotel 002 RuthP
Lake View Hotel 003 RuthP

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