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BK 58 Electric Controls
BK 58B Electric Controls
BK 59 Altamont Avenue Houses
BK 59B Altamont Avenue Houses
BK 60 Train Station
BK 60B Train Station
BK 60C Train Station
BK 60D Train Station
BK 61 School Children
BK 61B School Children
BK 61C School Children
BK 61D School Children
BK 62 Glass
BK 63 Cobbler Shop
BK 63B Cobbler Shop
BK 63C Cobbler Shop
BK 63D Cobbler Shop
BK 64 Family
BK 64B Family
BK 65 Lantz
BK 65B Lantz
BK 65C Lantz
BK 66 Group of Students
BK 66B Group of Students
BK 66C Group of Students