Hunting Creek Fisheries is a family owned business located in Catoctin Furnace and was established by Frederick Tresselt in 1923. Visit :
HCF Aerial View 1980's
HCF Bubble Eye
HCF Cleaning Catchbox 1968
HCF Ernies Play Pen 1974
HCF Goldfish Mats with Eggs 1999
HCF Midnight Shubunkin
HCF Old Fish House at Furnace 1960's
HCF Old Fish House at Furnace 1960's 002
HCF Packing Fish 1989
HCF Seining Fish 1989
HCF Shubunkin
HCF Spring House Along Rte 15
HCF Transporting Fish 1932
Hunting Creek 1985

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