The photos in this album were provided through the courtesy of Ruth Powell. The photos include Thurmont, Lewistown, Mountain Dale, Frederick and other locations. There are many individuals and groups included in these photos and help with identifying any of those pictured would be appreciated.
16 North Church Thurmont 001A RP
16 North Church Thurmont 001B RP
Airplane 001 RP
Airplane 002 RP
Airplane 003 RP
Annie Laura Oil Well 001 RP
Bowers Family 001 RP
Bowie, Ruth Bowie Obituary 001 RP
Braddock Heights 001 RP
Braddock Heights 002 RP
Braddock Heights 003 RP
Braddock Heights 004 RP
Braddock Heights 005 RP
Brunswick Church 001 RP
Brush Factory Girls 001 RP
Buckeystown Methodist Protestant Church 001 RP
Buckeystown Methodist Protestant Church 002 RP
Buzzard Rock 001 RP
Buzzard Rock 002 RP
C&O Canal 001 RP
Catoctin Furnace 001 RP
Catoctin Furnace 002 RP
Catoctin Furnace 003 RP
Catoctin Furnace 004 RP
Catoctin Furnace 005 RP

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