Photos of the Graceham area.
Graceham Booklet 008 AG
Graceham Booklet 008B AG
Graceham Booklet Cover AG
Graceham Grushon House 001 GWW
Graceham H079
Graceham Moravian Church Concert 1958
Graceham Moravian Church H080
Graceham Moravian Church Interior 001 JAK
Graceham School 1907 001A JAK
Graceham School 1907 001B JAK
Graceham VFD 1956 Cadillac Ambulance 001
Graceham Warehouse 001
Hoover's Mill 001
Hoover's Mill 001B
Hoover's Mill 002
Loy's Station Bridge Repair 1993 001
Loys Station Covered Bridge Model 1994-07 001 GWW
Loys Station School 001
Nicodemus Farm Supplies 001A JAK
Nicodemus Farm Supplies 001B JAK

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