Photos of the Frederick area including Libertytown.
Frederick Street Scene 001 RuthP
Frederick Street Scene 002 RuthP
Frederick Street Scene 003 RuthP
Frederick Street Scene 004 RuthP
Girls High School 001
H-F RR JAK 102
Happy Johnny 001 IM
Happy Johnny 002 IM
House Unknown 1908 001A
House Unknown 1908 001B
Ideal Garage 001
Ijamsville Station 001 RuthP
Ijamsville Station 002 RuthP
Jenkins Brothers Label 001 JAK
Johnson, Thomas MD 001 SB
Jug Bridge 001 JAK
Jug Bridge 001 RuthP
Jug Bridge 001B JAK
Jug Bridge H098
Jug Bridge KarWis 001
Jug Bridge KarWis 002A
Jug Bridge KarWis 002B
Jug Bridge KarWis 003
Jug Bridge KarWis 004
Jug Bridge KarWis 005A

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